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Tools for Bangles & Rings

3" Mini Design Roll

We can supply design rolls to fit any size of our rolling mill. The design can be made as per your requirement. You can send your own designs and specify the rolling mill model for which design rolls

Engraved Roll

This is a design sample for engraved roll for use with extended rolls in our bench rolling mills and GD series rolling mills. We can supply such rolls to fit any size rolling mill. These rollers are available with half round and V shape grooves as well as specific designs as per your requirements.

Bangle & Ring Grooving Sample

We can supply different kinds of design rolls for working with our bangle grooving machine. Such few samples are shown here. Different shapes with multiple half rounds with different surface texture designs are possible.

Bench Polishers

Bench Polishers are suitable for carrying out buffing Polishing and dressing operations of parts of Jewellery, watch making industries, gift articles as well as electroplating industries.

Lapping Machine

This is a motorized Lapping machine operating on 220 Volts / Single Phase AC Electric Supply.

Bangle Flattening Machine

This is a spring loaded manually operated bangle flattening machine.

Gents Ring Vice

Gents Ring Vice Sample

This is a Special wedding Ring faceting vice made to work with our Swiss type diamond faceting machines. Sample of different designs made using this vice is also shown.

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