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Jewellery Polishers and Wire Draw Machines

Jewellery Polishing Machine

This is a sturdy fabricated body vibrator polisher with full stainless steel body specially designed for gold jewellery polishing using stainless steel such as ball, cross pin, point pin, etc mix with water and jewelry cleaning compounds. It has equipped with a sturdy single phase AC electric motors. The vibrator polisher is available from 1/2kg upto 8 kg jewellery cleaning capacity and supplied complete with suitable cleaning solution, shampoo and suitable S.S. media of mix type

Specification of few of the models are as under :
Approx. bowl
size in cms.
35x14x15 50x20x20 50x22x22
Motor Power 0.5 HP 1.0 HP 1.5 HP
SS media holding Cap 15 Kgs 35 Kgs 45 Kgs
Jewellery holding Cap 2 Kgs 5 Kgs 8 Kgs
SS media in various size and shapes are available.

Magnetic Polisher

Wire Drawing Machine

This is programmable magnetic polisher having auto reverse / forward operation with digital display. The machine is powered by sturdy suitable single phase motor and fitted with excellent quality magnets to provide maximum force for better polishing quality and for long life.

This magnetic polisher is available in 1/2kg, 1kg and 2kg jewellery cleaning capacity having bowl size from 8" upto 12" for 2kg capacity. These machines are supplied completely with suitable magnetics media, cleaning solutions and shampoo.

Vaccum Buff Polishing Machine

Polishing Machine

This is a heavy duty double operator vaccum buff polishing machines. This machine used much more efficient filter systems. Also in additional to the main suctions blower and the filters bag recovery systems, we have also provided for secondary filteration systems on the back sides of the machines. This is the extremely effective and efficient recovery systems.


Separate buffing motors each of 0.75 HP for both workstations with individual switches and individual work lights arrangement.

Uses much more efficient filter system instead of single sack bag system for dust collection.

Secondary filteration system is provided at back for extremely effective and efficient recovery

Filteration system is provided with pull back dust recovery tray

Bench Polisher

Jewellery Polishing Machines

This is our standard bench polisher. Our bench polisher is excellent in quality and are totally enclosed types with spindle suitables for 50 / 60 Cycle A.C. suppling. This polisher is available in various capacity from 0.25 HP upto 7.50 HP capacity. Our 3HP, 5HP and 7.5HP polisher is fitted with four balls bearing and with copper rotors. We can supply you this polishers in different voltage and AC cycles supply.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Wire Polishing Machine

This is a stainless steel body Ultrasonic Cleaner designed for Jewelry Cleaning.

It has a ultrasonic generator and S.S. transducer built into the body. It is equipped with temperature controller and drain cock. It is available in various tank sizes from 3 litres upto 20 litres capacity. The machine is suitable for operation on 220 volts single phase AC electric supply.

Steam Cleaner

Wire Drawing Machinery

This is a stainless steel body high pressure steam cleaners.

Pressurized steam jet is created from water fed into the tank and directed towards the Jewelry to be cleaned to remove grime, micro deposits and dirt. It gives the Jewelry a bright sparkling finish. The machine is suitable to use on 220 volts single phase AC electric supply.

Wire Drawing Machines

Drawing Machine

Single Pass Wire Drawing Machine

Wire Draw Machine

Six pass Wire Drawing Machine

Single Pass Wire Drawing Machine

This is a single pass two speed motorized wire drawing machine. It is supplied with 0.5 HP 220 volt Single phase AC elec., motor, switch & V belt. The machine also has a thread twisting arrangement.

Six pass Wire Drawing Machine

This is an ideal geared type motorized wire drawing machine arrangement to hold six wire drawing dies at one time. It is fitted with special self-adjusting wires winding systems so that the wires do not break during operations. It is fitted with motorized coolant pumps to keep the drawing dies cool for better finish & longer die life.

Rhodium Plating Machine

Plating Machine
Jewellery Machine

This is a digital display Rhodium Plating Machines with three two litre capacity both suitable for operations on 220 volt single phase AC electric supply. The machine also has provision to allow used of pen plating for small hand plating work beside the usual dip plating works.

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