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Three Roll Plate Bending Machine

Pyramid type Three Roll Plate Bending Machine

Three Roll Plate Bending Machine

This is our heavy duty three rolls pyramid types power operate plate bending machines in models TPH having capacity to bends 2500 x 25 mm in mild steels. The machine weight about 6700 kg and has equipped with 30 HP motors, siemens makes on/off starters and reverse/forward switches completed with lubricating systems.

Some of the salient feature of our three rolls pyramid types plate bending machine is as under:

This is a fully hydraulic heavy duty shearing machine. Few of its salient features are as under:

Roller is of forge EN-8 materials and runs in collar types gun metals bush.

Based is of heavy duty girder.

Centralized lubrication systems

Drive through a series of hob cutting accurately hardened steels gear and worms reduction gear boxes.

Screw jack has provided to keep the tops rolls in horizontally position when trunion is retract to facilitate remove of formed shell.

The machine is supplied complete with :

  • - Elicon / Redicon make Reduction gear boxes
  • - Electric motors 3 phase / 440 volts / 50 cycle AC
  • - Reversible switches (Upto 5 HP)
  • - Reversible starters (Above 5 HP)

Plate Bending Rollers Machine is availables in a vast variety of capacity from 1250 x 3 mm in mild steels up to 3000 x 42 mm.

Light duty Motorised Bending Rollers

Motorised Bending Machine

These are steel invented body of three roll motorised bending roller. This machine is supplied complete with stands of suitable heights. The drives are through series of properly hardened steels gear. These machines are availables in all size and is proper to work with mild steels sheet of upto 1500 x 3.0 mm. For higher capacity, three roll pyramid types plates bending machines are perfect.

Hand Operated Bending Rollers

Hand Operated Bending

This is hand operated three roll pyramid types plate bending machines. The drives are through the series of properly hardened gear and is supplied completes with suitable stands of standards height. These machines are available in various size and is ideally suitables for work with mild steels sheet of maximum 1500 x 4mm thickness. For higher capacity, motorized machines are preferred.

Slip-Out type Bending Rollers

Three Roll Bending

This is two rolls driven three rolls slip-outs types plate bending roller. Slip-out types beding roller have all three rolls of same diameters and is ideal machines to take out rapidly formed small diameters cylinder without deformations. The machines are available in various size from 300 x 1.0mm capacity upto 1250 x 1.0mm in mild steels capacity.

Motorized slip-out type bending machine is also available.

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