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Cylindrical Grinder, Iron Worker, Pantograph

Precision Cylindrical Grinder

This is a high precision production tool room universal cylindrical grinder. The machine is made using quality casting stress relieved by vibration "Formula 62" and in normalizing oven. Some of the prominent features are as under:

The machine is supplied complete with standard accessories including all electricals, control panel, coolant pump with tank and splash guards, grinding wheel with flange dressing tool holder and set of spanners.

The machine is available in various sizes: 400 grinding length x 130 center height in mm, and likewise 600 x 130 mm, 800 x 130 mm, 1000 x 155 mm & 1200 x 155 mm.
This machine is available both in mechanical drive model as well as hydraulic drive. Many optional attachments are available such as internal grinding attachment, radius truing device, machine lamp, self centering chucks etc.

Hydraulic Iron Workers

This is an excellent quality efficient and accurate multi-function Hydraulic Iron worker. It can be used for shearing of U Beam, flat bar, round bar, square bar, angles and sectional steel and also for punching, bending and cropping & notching operations.

The machine is supplied complete with standard equipment for angle shearing, square bar & round bar shearing, punching equipped with one set of round hole punching tool and die of 16mm, flat bar shearing, rectangular notching and with back gauge device with scrap boxes for punching & notching stations.

It is available in two models with 55 Ton and 70 Ton punching pressure having flat bar shear capacity of 350 x 10 and 410 x 10 mm and U beam shearing of 100 x 50 and 125 x 65 mm respectively. Kindly ask for many other attachments available to meet your requirements

3 D Pantograph Machine

This is a universal 3 D pantograph milling and engraving machine.

It's a robust, accurate and reliable machine with a pantograph arm length of 400 mm and with reduction ratios from 1 : 1.5 to 1 : 10. The main spindle is fitted with high precision bearings to provide twelve speeds from 1,200 to 13,000 rpm. Swivelling points of the pantograph arm run in needle roller bearings making tracing very accurate.

Pantograph woodworking machine is supplied with electric motor with starter, machine lamp, foot operated start-stop switch, endless cord belt, spindle collets of 3,4,5 & 6mm size, cutter setting bar and necessary spanners. Optional access. include Versatile single lip cutter grinder, rough milling attachment, set of letters, rotary table etc .

Multi function Wood Working Machine

This is a versatile machine designed to handle multiple tasks. Besides the main operations of Surfacing, Thicknessing, Sawing, Rebating of wooden planks, with additional optional attachments, it is also suited for grooving, drilling, grinding and moulding too.

It is available in two models having surfacing capacity of 13" width and 18" width with thicknessing capacity of 7" and rebatting capacity of 1/2" for both models.

The machine with 13" width surfacing is having 48" long surfacing table and 22" long thicknessing table and the 18" width machine is having 61" long surfacing table and 26" long thicknessing table.

The machine is supplied complete with electric motor, 3 planner blade fitted in cutter block, circular saw blade, grooving cutter and safety guard. Planner blade grinding attachment to fix on this machine for resharpening of blades is also available.

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