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Hollow Jewellery and Pantograph Machines

Master offers a wide range of hollow bangle and ring making machines and tube forming machine.We have machines like Bangle Grooving Machine,Bangle Rounding Machine,Bangle Stretching Machine and also Ring Stretching Hollow Tube Drawing Machine, Precision Strip Cutting Machine and Bangle and Ring Turning Machine. Our Hollow bangle and ring making machine and Tube Forming Machine is the primary choice of every jewelry manufacturer.

We also have complete hollow pipe making machine to make seamless pipes from gold, silver, copper etc.

Hollow Pipe Making Machine

seamless pipe making machine
Hollow Bangle Machine

This Hollow Pipe Making machine is a motorised pipe making machine designed for making gold pipes from gold Strip.

This is a motorised variable speed control Hollow Tube making machine ideal for making Gold hollow pipes for Gold Jewelry making and other applications. It can also handle silver, copper and other soft metal for making hollow pipes.

The machine has an adjustable TIG Welding torch holding attachment. This helps to weld the pipe exactly at the place where the two ends of the metal strip meet to form the pipe while the tube is guided through the set of forming rollers.

The pipe making machine is provided with variable speed feature to facilitate production of excellent quality tube at optimum production capacity. The input to the machine is exact width strip of metal which is fed through one end of the machine holding the take up spool and after feeding through set of is guided forming rollers and passing over the TIG welding torch for excellent welding, the seamless tube out through the other end of the machine.

The machine is fitted with electrical control panel and work light attachment and is suitable to run on 220 volts single phase AC electric supply.

Motorized Draw Bench

Tube Forming Machine

This is an excellent quality heavy duty five feet length motorized draw bench. This machine is ideal to draw soldered hollow tubes of copper, gold and silver. It is equipped with heavy duty chain and is fitted with single phase AC drive electricals for longer life and maintenance free operation. The machine uses standard diamond and carbide drawing dies.

Hollow Ball Making Machine

Silver Pipe Making Machine

This is our motorized hollow ball making machine. This machine is ideal for mass production of balls from gold and silver. The machine is capable of making balls from 2mm upto 5mm size balls from both strip or hollow tube.

We can also supply you dies to make capsule and oval shape balls besides round balls.

Hollow Bracelet / Ring Making Machine

Ring Making Machine
Hollow Bracelet Making Machine

This is a Motorized model precision hollow tube forming machine equipped with 0.5 HP/single phase D.C. motor drive with speed control system. It is designed to give speeds from 0 to 100 RPM supplied with 250mm long tube winding roll (mandrel). It is supplied with one set of drawing die & winding roll (mandrel) for the same. Hollow tube forming dies in various shapes & sizes are available.

Gold Hollow Spring Cutting Machine

Seamless Pipe Machine
Tube Forming Machine

This is our gold and silver hollow spring cutting machine. This is motorized spring cutting machine with high speed cutter and enclosure for dust recovery. This is ideal machine to use to take out individual hollow bangle and ring from the spring formed using hollow tube drawing machine.

Precision Motorised Strip Cutting Machine

Seamless Pipe Machine
Tube Forming Machine

We have two models of preicsion strip cutter. Our motorized model precision strip cutter is equipped with circular disc cutters and is adjustable to cut precise strips from 5mm upto 60mm as per your requirement.

The other model is fixed width hand operated precision strip cutting machine. This machine is usually prefered by customer making hollow balls and for those you require very precise fixed width strips of one or two sizes only. The cutters for this machines are designed in such a way that they fit into one another like male-female type roll to give extremely accurate width strips.

2D Pantograph Engraving Machine

Forming Machine

This is our 2D Pantograph Engraving Machine. This is portable low cost bench machine ideally suitable for a variety of engraving jobs like desk plates, signs, tokens, symbols, gift articles, marking tools, guages, fixtures etc.

This pantograph is supplied complete with copy slide, nylon belt, HSS cutter and carbide cutters and electricals.

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