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Jewellery Making Machinery

Jewelery Machines Products

Master offers a wide range of jewelry making machines including Diamond Faceting Machines, Jewellery rolling mills like sheet and wire Rolling Mills, Jewellers bench rolling mill, Gold Chain Making Machines, Jewelers Hand press and Coining Press, Melting and Vacuum Casting Machinery, Bangles and Rings Making Machines, Jewellery Polishers and Wire Draw Machines, Vacuum Buff Polishing Machine, Tube forming machine, Wire Drawing Machines, Hollow Jewellery and Pantograph Machines and Tools for Bangles & Rings.

Master also offers 2Hi and 4Hi Cold Rolling mill with Coiler and De-Coiler, precision strip slitting, Gold and Silver refining machine, Magnetic Polisher, Hollow Balls Making machine, Electric and Induction Gold Silver Melting machine.

Diamond Faceting Machines

Diamond Faceting Machines

  • Bench Model Simple Faceting
  • Universal Two Head Faceting
  • Universal Motorized Lining Faceting Machine
  • Universal Motorized Zig Zag Faceting Machine
  • CNC Bangle and Ring Faceting Machine
  • Bench Model Swiss Type Faceting Machine
  • Floor Model Swiss Type Faceting
Sheet and Wire Rolling Mills

Sheet and Wire Rolling Mills

  • 3" Mini Bench Rolling Mill
  • 4" Bench Combined Rolling Mill
  • 5" Bench Single Roll Rolling Mill
  • 6" Bench Double Geared Rolling Mill
  • Heavy Duty Sheet Rolling Mill
  • Heavy Solder Wire Rolling Mill
  • 5" Motorised Single Roll Rolling Mill
  • 5" Floor Model Combined Rolling Mill
  • 6" and 8" Floor Model Combined Rolling Mill
  • 8" Single Roll Floor Model and 5'x5" Precision Sheet Rolling Mill
  • 10" and 12" Floor model Rolling Mill
  • Special Purpose Rolling Mills with Coiler and De-coiler
Gold Chain Making Machines

Gold Chain Making Machines

  • Flat Carbide Rolling Machine
  • Chain Hammering Machine
  • Chain Soldering Machine
  • Box Chain Machine
  • Round Chain Machine
  • Figaro Chain Machine
  • Top Cut Anchor Chain Machine
  • Side Cut Anchor Chain Machine
  • Chain Clipping Machine
  • Chain Faceting Machine for Chain Cutting
Gold Coining Press

Gold and Silver Coins Making Machines

  • 2-hi Precision Sheet Rolling Mill
  • Hydraulic Coin Cutting / Blanking Press
  • 40 Ton Cutting & Embossing Press
  • 150 Ton Hydraulic Coin Embossing Press
  • 300 Ton Hydraulic Gold and Silver Coining Press
Hydraulic Press

Jewelers Hand Presses

  • Hand Operated Stamping Press
  • Hand Press For Die Cutting
  • Heavy Double Sided Embossing Press
  • Hydraulic Die Press

Melting and Vacuum Casting Machinery

Melting and Vacuum Casting Machinery

  • Bench Melting Furnace
  • Induction Melting Furnace
  • Heavy Duty Tilt Head Melting Furnace
  • Vulcanizer
  • Wax Injector
  • Burn Out Furnace
  • 3 in 1 Vacuum Casting Machine
  • 3 in 1 Bench Top Vacuum Casting Machine
Ring Making Machine

Bangles / Rings Making Machines

  • Bangle Grooving Machine
  • Bangle Rounding Machine
  • Hollow Pipe Drawing Machine
  • Precision Strip Cutting Machine
  • Bangle Stretching Machine also avail Ring Stretching
  • Bangle and Ring Turning Machine
Jewellery Polishers and Wire Draw Machines

Jewellery Polishers and Wire Draw Machines

  • Jewellery Polishers and Wire Draw Machines
  • Magnetic Polisher
  • Vaccum Buff Polishing Machine
  • Bench Polishers
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Wire Drawing Machines
  • Rhodium Plating
Hollow Gold Bracelet

Hollow Pipe, Balls and Jewellery Making Machines

  • Hollow Pipe Making Machine
  • Motorized Draw Bench
  • Hollow Ball Making Machine
  • Hollow Bracelet / Ring Making Machine
  • Gold Hollow Spring Cutting Machine
  • Precision Strip Cutting Machine
  • 2D Pantograph Engraving Machine
Precision Slitting Machine

Precision Slitting Machines

The machine is having three gear type roll lifting arrangement with fine battler

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Gold Silver Refinery

Gold and Silver Refinery

We have latest Gold and Silver refining equipment

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Bangle Ring Tools

Tools for Bangles & Rings

We can supply design rolls to fit any size of our rolling mill.

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Jewelery Tools

Jewelery Tools

  • Tweezers, Pliers, Gravers, Shears, Eye Loupe
  • Wax Carvers, Wax Files, Brushes, Work Holder
  • Ring Stick, Ring Gauge
  • Ring Clamp, Ring Stretcher
  • Saw Frame
  • Scale
  • Doming Punch Set, Draw Plate
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