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Industrial Machines Products

Master range of Industrial Machines include sheet metal working machines like sheet folding machine, treadle shear, hand shearing machine, circle cutting machine, pittsburgh lock former machine, three roll pyramid type plate bending machine, sheet rolling machine, mechanical guillotine shearing machine, drilling machines, power presses, press brakes, mechanical iron worker, pantograph, multifunction wood working machines. Metal Strip Slitting machine, Pedestal Grinder, Flexible Shaft Grinder, Rapid pipe and tube bender, Hydraulic pipe bender, Hydraulic Hacksaw cutting machine, Hydraulic presses.

Hollow Ball Machine

Sheetmetal Working Machines      

  • Treadle Shearing Machine
  • Hand Operated Shearing Machine
  • Bench Shearing Machine
  • Sheet Metal Board Shearing Machine
  • Hand Operated Sheet Folding Machine
  • Universal Sheet Folding Machine
  • Box & Pan Folding Machine
  • Rapid Bending Machine
  • Corner Notching Machine
  • Punch Press Machine
  • Circle Cutting Machine
  • Lock Forming Machine
  • Swaging Machine
Hollow Ball Machine India

Power Presses and Hydraulic and Mechanical Press Brakes

  • C Type Mechanical Power Presses
  • Gap Frame Precision Power Presses
  • High Speed Precision Power Presses
  • Power Press Brake
  • Hydraulic Press Brake
Hollow Ball Machinery

Grinders and Polishers-Bench /Pedestal /Flex Shaft /Abrasive Belt

  • Bench Grinders
  • Grinders Cum Polisher
  • Pedestal Grinders
  • Abrasive Belt Grinders
  • Lathe Mounting Machine
  • Flexible Shaft Grinders
  • Bench Polishers
  • Pedestal Polishers / Buffers
Hollow Ball Making Machine

Bench, Pillar, & Radial Drilling

  • Bench Drilling Machine
  • Pillar Drilling Machine
  • Radial Drilling Machine

Hollow Jewelery Machine

Wood Working Machinery

  • Multi Function Wood Working Machine
  • Thickness Planer
  • Surface Planer Close & Open Body
  • Combi Planer
  • Jig Saw
  • Bench Model Circular Saw
  • Belt & Disc Sander
Hollow Jewellery Machine

Fastener Machine

This is our MASTER corrugated fastener making machine is suitable to work

Jewelery Machine

Mechanical Guillotine Shearing Machines

  • Under Crank Guillotine Shearing Machine
  • Over Crank Guillotine Shearing Machine
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shearing Machine
  • Variable Rake Angle Hydraulic Shearing Machine
Hollow Making Machine

Three Roll Plate Bending Machine

  • Heavy duty Pyramid type Three Roll Plate Bending Machine
  • Light Duty Motorised Bending Rollers
  • Hand Operated Bending Rollers
  • Slip-out Type Bending Rollers
Hollow Machinery

Hydraulic Presses

Two types of Hydraulic Presses are available. Hand Operated Hydraulic Presses and Motorised Hydraulic Presses.

Hollow Machine India

Hydraulic Control Hacksaw Machine

This is a motorised model Hydraulic control Hacksaw Machine.

Industrial Machine

Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw machine are designed for smoother cutting action.

Cylindrical Grinder Machine

Cylindrical Grinder, Iron Worker, Pantograph

  • Precision Cylindrical Grinder
  • Hydraulic Iron Workers
  • 3 D Pantograph Machine
  • Multi Function Wood Working Machine
Precision Shaping Machine

Precision Shaping

Precision Shaping Machine is excellent quality machine. Following are the special features of this machine.

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Lathe Milling Machine

Lathes and Milling machines

  • All Geared Precision Lathe Machine
  • Heavy Duty All Geared Precision Lathe Machine
  • All Geared Universal Milling Machine

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Air Compressor

Air Compressor

KAC (Ex-Batliboi) horizontal reciprocating type air compressor mounted on a horizontal air receiver.

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Precision Shaping Machine

Circle Cutting Machines

Circle cutting machines suitable to work with sheet metal likes stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

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