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Machinery for Making Gold and Silver Coins

We can supply you complete set of machinery to make gold and silver coins starting from gold melting to polishing.

Setting up complete coin making plant will involve supply of machinery for:

Gold and Silver Melting machine

Precision Sheet Rolling mill.

Blanking presses to blank metal coins in required shape and weight

Hydraulic Coin Minting press.

Polishing Machine

40 Ton Cutting & Embossing Press

Gold Cutting Machine

This is a combined 40 tons capacity hydraulic cutting & embossing press suitable to make gold & silver coins of upto 10 grams weight. The press can be operated manually or in auto single cycle mode. The base of the press is provided with T slots to hold coin cutting die for cutting coin blanks. It is also suitable for coin embossing operation. The press is available in 30 tons & 50 tons model also.

Hydraulic Coin Cutting / Blanking Press

Jewellery Rolling Machine

This is hydraulically operated 15 tons capacity blanking press to blank metal coins in required shape and weight.

This press is suitable for gold coin blanking from 1.0 gram to 100 grams size having 75mm length of stroke with foot pedal and electric control panel.

150 Ton Hydraulic Coin Embossing Press

Hydraulic Cutting Machine

This is a 150 tons hydraulic coin embossing press suitable for making coins upto 50 grams in silver. The press is suitable for operation in manual as well as single cycle automatic operation mode. It is available with auto coin ejecting mechanisum. The press can be supplied in various tonnage capacity like 80 tons, 100 tons as per your requirement.

300 Ton Hydraulic Gold and Silver Coining Press

Silver Coining Machine
Gold Silver Coiniing Machine

This is 300 tons capacity hydraulic gold and silver coin making hydraulic coining press complete with programmable PLC controller for multiple strokes at final stage. The press is equipped with ejector cylinder for auto ejection of coin for easy removal without hammering. This feature offers better final finish of the coin. This hydraulic coining press is suitable for making gold and silver coins from 1.0 gram to 100.0 grams in weight and is powered by 10.0 HP electricals and is supplied complete with suitable electricals and control panel. This coining press design incorporates pressure adjustment control with timer to adjust final pressure time before return stroke. It can be operated by push button control as well as in automatic single cycle mode.

Besides the hydraulic coining press and precision sheet rolling mill, we can also supply you induction and resistance gold and silver melter, gold and silver bar cutting machine and vibrator polisher machines required to set up complete gold and silver coin making plant.

2-hi Precision Sheet Rolling Mill

Sheet Folding Machine
Metal Sheet Rolling Machine

This is 2-Hi Cold Precision Sheet Rolling mill with Coiler and De-Coiler having HCHCr Steel rolls with hardness of 62-63 HRC fitted on Roller bearings and housed inside heavy MS Plate fabricated body. The machine is having three gear type roll lifting arrangement with fine battler thread 1.5 pitch screw for fine adjustment. The rolls are driven through suitable pinion gearbox with universal joints and a worm type gear box for excellent and smooth working.

Machine will be fitted with fixed Coiler & De coiler such that your material will be fed through and wound on interchangeable bobbins mounted on spools fitted on both sides. Spools will be such as to facilitate easy removal and fixing of bobbins for multiple pass rolling.

The coiler will have its drive through the main motor and the de coiler will be fitted with clutch type brake for tension setting for proper feeding into the rollers. The machine will be controlled for variable speed through VFD digital electronic controller. The machine will have a front panel electric control panel housing the On/Off switch, speed regulator and inching control switch.

This particular rolling mill is designed for rolling of gold and silver strips of 5.0mm thickness down to 0.10mm thickness and 32mm maximum width with very high accuracy

We can supply you this type of precision sheet rolling mill in any roller size as per your exact requirement and can also supply reversible type coiler decoiler rolling mills.

20 Ton Cutting & Embossing Press Machine
25 Ton Cutting & Embossing Press
40 Ton Cutting & Embossing Press

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