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Bench Grinder

Bench Grinder Machine

Bench Grinder is built with excellent quality motors made by latest quality stamping and die cast rotor, which is dynamic balanced. Constructions of the machine is made durable and strong. Thess are helps in minimise vibration and smoothly running is achieved. Each machines have equipped with two Nos. Grinder Wheels.

This is perfect to used for grinding of tool, tip, light etc.

This bench and pedestal grinder machine is available from 0.5 HP to 3.0 HP capacity motor with grinding wheels size from 100mm up to 350mm.

This machine of different voltages and frequency can be supplied against specific order

Grinders Cum Polisher

Grinders Polisher Machine

These Combination Grinder Polisher are available in various models from 0.25HP to 1.0HP Capacity with grinding wheel size from 100mm to 250mm and are available in single or three phase models.

Pedestal Grinder

Pedestal Grinders Machine

Pedestal Grinder with Coolant System

Abrasive Pedestal Machine

Pedestal Grinder with Dust Collector and Heavy Work Table

Heavy Duty Double Ended Bench and Pedestal Grinder for Industrial used.

The machine has built with excellent quality of motors manufacturers from latest quality stamping and die cast rotor, which are dynamic balance. This help in minimise vibration and smoothly running is attained. This robust machine is provided with two grinders wheel and adjustable tools rest. Eye protects for operator safety is also provided.

Available with following optional extra accessory:

Motorized coolant pumps, tanks, tray and fitting.

Water pots and machine lamps.

Heavy duty adjustable work tables in lieu of standards tools rest.

Heavy duty motorized Dust Collecting units with separate motors, blowers, Pipe fitting and Tanks.

This grinder is available from 0.5 HP to 3.0 HP capacity motor with Grinding wheels sizes from 180mm to 400mm in diameters.

Abrasive Belt Grinder

Abrasive Belt Grinders Machine

Abrasive belt grinder machine is normally used by forge shop, press shop, ferrous & non-ferrous foundries, fabrications shop, engineering industry, plastics & glasses industry, rubbers & leathers industry, woods industry etc.

This Machine is available in two Model like Single and Double ended, and in bench or pedestal types. Combinations of multipurpose machines with abrasive belt assembly on one sides and Grinding Wheels on other sides are also provides.

Lathe Mounting Machine

Lathe Mounting Machine

We also have Lathe Mounting type abrasive belt grinder. These are available in 1.0HP Single or three Phase models with upto 3.0HP Capacity in three Phase model.

Flexible Shaft Grinders

Flexible Grinders Machine

Flexible Shaft Grinders are widely used in fabrication workshops, foundries and heavy industries. It is very suitable for heavy and or lengthy jobs where it is not possible to lift the job or get the same close to the grinding machine. Machine is mounted on Castor Wheels and can be easily moved around close to the job.

The machine is fitted with excellent quality motor made from superior quality stamping and die cast rotors which are dynamically balanced minimizing vibration and ensures smooth running.

The flexible shaft grinders are supplied complete with one flexible shaft of 2 meter length, wheel guard and coarse grinding wheel.

Collet attachment for mounted point grinding wheels can also be supplied. The machine can also be used for polishing by attaching an buffing attachment which we can supply

Bench Polishers

Bench Polisher Machine
Abrasive Bench Polisher Machine

This is our standards bench polishers. Our bench polisher is latest in quality and are completely enclosed types with spindle suitables for 50 / 60 Cycle A.C. supply. These polishers have available in all capacity from 0.25 HP upto 7.50 HP capacity. Our 3HP, 5HP and 7.5HP polisher has fitted with four balls bearing and with copper rotors. We can supply this polishers in different voltage and AC cycles supply.

Pedestal Polishers / Buffers

Grinders Machinery

These pedestal polishers / buffers are totally enclosed type with spindles suitable for 50 / 60 cycles A.C. supply supplied complete with heavy duty cast iron stand complete with push button starter and one set of tapered spindles. Our 3.0 HP and above capacity pedestal buffers are fitted with four ball bearings and are with copper rotor.

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