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3" Mini Bench Rolling Mill
4" Bench Combined Rolling Mill
5" Bench Single Roll Rolling Mill
6" Bench Double Geared Rolling Mill
Heavy Duty Sheet Rolling Mill
Heavy Solder Wire Rolling Mill
5" Motorised Single Roll Rolling Mill
5" Floor Model Combined Rolling Mill
6" and 8" Floor Model Combined Rolling Mill 
8" SIngle Roll Floor Model and 5'x5" Precision Sheet Rolling Mill
10" and 12" Floor model Rolling Mill
Special Purpose Rolling Mills with Coiler and De-coiler
Master Machines manufactures and supplies different types of Jewellery rolling mills like sheet and wire Rolling Mills, Jewellers bench rolling mill, Gold Chain Making Machines, Jewelers Hand press and Coining Press, Melting and Vacuum Casting Machinery, Bangles and Rings Making Machines, Jewellery Vibrator Polisher, Vacuum Buff Polishing Machine, Tube forming machine, Wire Drawing Machines, Hollow Jewellery and Pantograph, Machines and Tools for Bangles & Rings.

3inch mini bench rolling mill This is a lightweight portable mill, which can also be fitted with bangle design roll. It has been redesigned to facilitate working by removing the front support bars in front of rolls and taking the same underneath in the base. 
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4 inch bench combined rolling mill
This bench model rolling mill is provided with lever system so that either sheet rolls or the wire rolls can be used at any one time with provision to fit side rolls. This machine is also available with a specially designed steel fabricated stand with 1.0 HP 220 volts single phase Cast Iron body TEFC AC electric motor, R/F switch and V belt. The R/F switch is provided complete with wiring to allow both reverse and forward operation. 
Kindly ask for details.

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5 inch bench single roll rolling mill This is a bench rolling mill with roll size of 5" x 2.1/2" and is available in three models. It is available with either the sheet rolls, or wire rolls or can be supplied with combined sheet and wire grooves in one single roll. Similar rolling mill is also available with roll size of 4" x 2.1/4" and 6" x 3" in the three different versions as for the 5" size rolling mill. Specially designed 6" x 3" roll size bench rolling mill is also available with higher roll opening for thicker sheet work. Kindly ask for details.


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6 inch bench double geared rolling mill
This is a 6" x 3" roll size bench rolling mill with heavy duty roll housing and bigger gears. It is provided with EXTRA gears to provide HIGHER ROLL OPENING i.e. it allows thicker plates to be rolled due to higher roll opening as a result of extra gears. Also this model is provided with TWO big size roll driving gears instead of only ONE as in other Bench model rolling mills.
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Heavy Sheet Rolling Mill

Triple Gear A1


This is Traditional type Rolling Mill in Double Gear Design for Heavy Work Mountd on Suitable Stand. This is available in six inch to triple Gear Design Rolling Mill for upto Twelve inch Roller Length.
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Solder wire rolling mill with wire drawing attachment 1


This is Specially Designed 175mm Length X 95mm Diameter Roller Size wire Mill with 15mm size First Wire Groove Powered by a 3.0HP 440 Walt 3 Phase AC Electric Motor Fitted with Special Wire Drawing taper Drum for Wire Drawing and Supplied with die Holding Attachment. The Rolling Mill also has extended rollers for Fixig Side Rollers.
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5 inch motorised single roll rolling mill

This is a 5" roll length combined sheet and wire rolling mill with provision to mount side grooving rolls. The rollers are housed in strong solid steel housing. The machine is fitted with oil gear box system and supplied with heavy duty 1.0 HP 220 volts single phase AC electric motor and R/F switch for both forward and reverse operation. 
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5 inch floor model combined rolling mil This is a 5 inch roll length combined sheet & wire rolling mill. The rolls are made of high chromium special steel, hardened and ground finished. They are housed in extremely strong frame to overcome all the vibrations and stresses developed during working. The rolls are running in special anti friction phosphor bronze alloy. The gears are made of case hardened steel and immersed in oil for noiseless and smooth operation. Various components are standardised and are interchangeable. This assures easy maintenance.
Features / Accessories supplied with the machine:
a. Roll size of 5" x 2.1/2" made from HCHC Special Steel.
b. 1.5 HP 220 Volts Single phase 50 Hz AC electric motor, Switch & V belt.
c. Side grooving rolls for half round and V design.
Safety guards in front of both the sheet and wire rollers is available as an extra optional accessory.
Similar machine with roll length of 100 mm in with 1.0 HP motor having the above features is also available. Kindly ask for details.

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combined rolling mill GD 160

combined rolling mill GD 200


The GD-160 is a 6 inch roll length Combined Sheet & Wire rolling mill similar to model GD 125. It is designed for continuous working with automatic lubrication as standard. Solid heavy construction is guaranteed to give years of trouble free service.

Features / Accessories supplied with the machine:
a. Roll size of 6" x 3" made from HCHC Special Steel.
b. 3.0 HP 440 or 380 Volts, 3 phase, 50 or 60 Hz. AC electric motor, complete with Control panel box.
c. Automatic Lubrication system with flow control arrangement.

Following optional features are available at additional cost. 
1. TWO SPEED 3.0 HP / 5.0 HP 960 rpm / 1440 rpm AC electric motor with necessary Control Panel for the same including two forward and two reverse speed control switch.
2. Foot operated Emergency Stop System. 
Similar 8" x 4" roll size machine is also available in model GD-200 with TWO SPEED 5.0 / 7.5 HP motor, Emergency Stop, automatic lubrication system and side grooving rolls is also available. 
Kindly ask for details

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8 inch single roll motorised rolling mill


8" Floor Model Rolling Mill
5"x5" Precision Sheet Rolling Mill

The 8" Floor model Rolling Mill is a heavy duty single head gear box fitted 8" roll length sheet rolling mill complete with suitable 3 phase AC electric motor, automatic lubricating pump and emergency stop generally as shown above. It is also available with wire rollers instead of sheet rollers. We can also supply similar design mill with 6" roll length.

We also have specially designed 5" length x 5" diameter precision sheet rolling mill. Similarly we can also supply you 6"x6" size rolling mill as per your requirement.

 Kindly note that we also have 8" extra heavy duty triple geared rolling mill. This is a very dependable sturdy and long lasting rolling mill. The rolling mill is equipped with heavy fly wheel on one side and motorization wheel on the other side. Due to heavy fly wheel giving momentum to the rolls, this rolling mill is also widely used for rolling of low purity hard silver and similar hard metal. This rolling mill is powered by a 5.0 HP 440 volts / 380 volts 3 phase AC electric motor fitted with suitable ON/OFF push button starter and a Reverse / Forward switch

Kindly ask for details

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MASTER rolling mill GD 250S


MASTER rolling mill GD 300S

GD - 250 S
GD - 300 S

Extra heavy duty single head gear box fitted precision sheet rolling mill complete with suitable HP 960 rpm AC electric motor, automatic Lubricating pump and emergency stop generally as shown above. Approximate dimensions /specifications are as under:

GD 250S
GD 300S
Rolling Mill Details
10" x 5"
12" x 6"
10" x 5"
12" x 6"
Rolls Length
10 inch
12 inch
Rolls Diameter
5 inch
6 inch
RPM of Rolls
20 RPM
18 RPM
Electric motor
7.5 HP
440 V/ 3 phase/ 50 Hz
10 HP
440 V/ 3 phase/ 50 Hz
Rolling Mill Dimensions
L    x    B   x    H
42"    x    35"    x 65"
107cm x 58cmx 165 cm
L    x    B    x    H
56"    x    29"    x    69"
140cm x74cmx 175 cm
Net weight
850 Kgs
1250 Kgs
Wooden case Dimensions
50" x 29" x 74"
127cm x 74cm x 188 cm
65" x 36" x 78"
165cm x 92 cm x 198 cm
Gross weight
1125 Kgs
1650 Kgs

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2 hi precision rolling mill closeup 



2 hi precision rolling mill           2 hi precision rolling mill closeup

4-hi and 2-hi Special Purpose Precision Rolling Mill with Coiler and De-coiler. This machine has rollers on roller bearing and housed inside heavy steel fabricated body. De-coiler is fitted with clutch type brake for tension setting for proper feeding into the rollers.

We request you to kindly contact us with your specific requirements.


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