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Master machines is a leading supplier of coining press in India.We have a range of jewelers hand press and coining press in the types of Hand Operated Stamping Press,Hand Press For Die Cutting,Heavy Double Sided Embossing Press and Motorised Hydraulic Coining Press.Master is the leading manufacturer and supplier of coining press in India.We can supply steel fabricated body hydraulically operated 300 tons coining press in India press specially designed for minting gold and silver coins and medals.   

hand operated stamping press
This is an excellent quality superior design hand operated double action adjustable force type jewellery stamping press. It is ideal for marking rings, necklaces etc with purity markings such as 14 K or 18 K and is also suitable to mark small company logo or initials. The press is equipped with adjustable force feature with a lock to have best repeat impressions each time. Kindly ask for details.

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hand press for die cutting These jewellers' hand presses are available in six sizes. These are solid body heavy presses with 25 mm one inch hole in ram. The presses are supplied with wheel & handle and die fixing clamps. Suitable size automatic die holder is also supplied with each press. Also available are Cutting, Embossing & Coining Dies. 
Kindly ask for details.

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heavy double sided embossing press

These are made of extra heavy casting body and supplied with heavy wheel and handle. The main screw of these presses runs inside special PHOSPHOR BRONZE GUN METAL bushing for smooth operation and years of trouble free service. Four Tee Slots from corners to center of the base are provided and two pieces die fixing clamps with oil cup & wrench are supplied.

 The presses are available in size nos. 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.

Kindly ask for details.

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hydraulic coining press


This is a steel fabricated body hydraulically operated 300 tons press specially designed for making gold and silver coins, bars and medals. 
This is an upstroke press with higher ram travel speed and with extra hydraulic cylinder for return stroke to increase the production. The press is equipped with hydraulic Power Pack consisting of Piston Pump, Electric Control board operated directional Control Valve, relief Valve, Pressure Gauge and standard hydraulic accessories. It can be operated through the control panel board or manually and has the provision to adjust the coining pressure. A timer is provided to adjust the time for which the pressure is applied before return stroke. Our standard version Hydraulic Coining Press is available in four models: 50 Tons, 100 Tons, 200 Tons and 300 Tons Capacity.

We can also supply you PLC controlled multi stroke feature auto ejector type hydraulic coining press for making gold and silver coins and bars from 1.0 gram up to 100.0 grams.

Kindly click here to see our latest 300 ton hydraulic coining press.

Kindly ask for details.

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