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Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw

horizontal metal cuting bandsaw

machine tool traders    Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine is supplied complete with standard accessories including suitable 440 volts, 3 phase AC electric motor, motorised coolant pump with fittings, V belt & vice.

Silent Features: 

Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw machine are designed for  smoother cutting action.

Uses worm gear drive.

Makes optimum use of cutting blade with provision to change the effective pressure on blade using simple handle.

Machine is designed for simple as well as swing cutting action of bow as desired.

Machine is available for cutting maximum round bars of 175 mm diameter as well as 300 mm diameter. 

Circle Cutting Machine


Circle Circle

machine tool traders    Circle Cutting Machine

Circle Cutting Machine is one of the principal machines in sheet metal industry. It is mainly used as the name indicates to cut circles of sheet material, annular rings & strips.We are a reputed and leading Circle Cutting Machine Manufacturer in India.Our hand operated machines are available in models 14H, 18H, 24H, 24HB, 36H, 36HB & 48HB are used for cutting 18 swg MS / 22 swg SS.Our motorised machines are available in models 18M2, 24M2, 36M2, 48M2 & SPM for specific size are used for cutting 14 swg / 18 swg SS.24M3, 36M3, 48M3 & SPM for specific size are used for cutting 10 swg / 16 swg SS.24M4, 36M4, 48M4 & SPM for specific size are used for cutting 8 swg / 14 swg SS.

Master circle cutting machines are very much in demand in the global industry market.

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